Shipping Store

Renting of carrying boxes and saling of all other transport accessories: transport pallet, shipping boxes, wine boxes, cling films, various covers, wool blankets, box of clothes with bars, floor protectors and much more.You can order all products online, make them easy to deliver, or even pick them up yourself.

Renting Moving Boxes and Moving Materials

You can easily rent the material you need to move as a customer via internet and telephone.The number of moving boxes required for migration can be calculated from the home page of the addition to foldable Polypropylene plastic carrying boxes, transport box pallets and furniture pallets, Wheelbarows, toolboxes, furniture carrying ropes and transport blankets can also be rented.You can pick up the material from the branch in person, or you can have it delivered to your home comfortably and have it taken back after you move in. Shipments are available to all cantons in Switzerland.

Renting Transport Vehicle

Transport vehicles can also be rented. These are designed for all kinds of transportation.The automatic transmission and back-view camera provide easy and safe control of the vehicle.Comfort is complemented by an internal lighting with Bluetooth hands-free system and motion sensor.In order for furniture to survive unscathed during transportation, upholstered panels are specially installed in the loading area for fixing purposes.Existing insulation protects against extreme heat and cold.When it rains, the raincoat attached to the car prevents the boxes from getting wet.In addition, each transport vehicle is always equipped with the necessary fastening and handling materials such as wool blankets, tying straps, furniture pallets and wheel trolleys.

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